Sunday, June 1, 2014

Delicious Shrimp Rolls ~ Summer in a Bun!

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Big Al and I are Big Fans of Shrimp Rolls. We're big fans of any seafood, but since it's somewhat expensive, we tend to save seafood for special dinners and special occasions. 

However, this sandwich makes it perfectly acceptable to splurge on seafood for lunch, on any day of the week. No special occasion needed. 

(Now, don't pause if you are able substitute lobster and make yourself a lobster roll. Be my guest! Lobster is even better, but these are just a bit more affordable, and still delicious.)

Here's the Shrimp Roll recipe we whip up all summer long: 

I use frozen defrosted shrimp. If you are cooking it, make sure to chill it well before you make the salad. 

Shrimp Rolls

1 lb shrimp - 
If you use the large shrimp, chop it into smaller pieces.
3 TBSP chopped celery
1 tsp dried dill OR 1 TBSP fresh dill
1/2 tsp garlic salt, plus a sprinkle
1 TBSP lemon juice
1/2 cup mayonnaise
4 hot dog buns - New England style

shrimp rolls, shrimp recipe, summer recipe, summer food

Mix all of the ingredients - except buns and butter of course! 
 We like our shrimp with a lot of mayo, but if you don't, just use less.  

Chill the shrimp salad for at least a half an hour.
Meanwhile, open up the New England style buns, and butter both sides. Sprinkle the buttered buns very lightly with garlic salt.

Toast both sides in a frying pan over medium heat, until they are golden brown.
Pile on the shrimp and serve!

What's your favorite summer lunch? Do share ~ I'm open to trying your faves! 

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Treana said...

Love this julia! Thanks for sharing on our party!

Heather said...

Looks delish! Thanks for sharing your recipe at Monday Funday Link Party! Pinned and tweeted! ~ Heather

Unknown said...

Treana - thanks so much!

Heather - thank YOU for your party!


Susan at said...

Yuck. LOL!!!! I swear, I've really got to learn to eat more things. You make me realize just how picky I am. :)

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

THese look super yummy! Featuring later today :)

Unknown said...

Susan - you're killing me! LOL!

kristin, thank you so much!


Run 'n Stitch said...

This recipe looks simple and delicious. It is truly pin worthy. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Kathi ~ it is simple (takes just minutes to throw together!). Thank you for the pin, Julia