Thursday, December 12, 2013

An Affair to Remember

Sometimes in life we do things we regret. I know I do. But it's okay, as long as we learn from our mistakes. In the past couple of weeks, I've learned a lesson. 

You see, Big A has been working very long hours, and I've been six ways to Sunday.  I felt sorry for myself, and then, it just happened. I love my husband, but I found myself keeping company with Mr. Influenza. In the beginning, it seemed like it would be fun - a couple of days cuddling on the sofa, some R&R, drinking tea...

But it wasn't fun. Mr. I (as I like to call him) was not fun. He was mean. I had to put on my big-girl boots and say "No more! You get out offa my sofa!"  You see, I realized that Big A is much nicer than Mr. I. And way more fun to cuddle with.

Having learned this valuable lesson, I feel I'm back to my old self now.

Due to that little bump in the road, the problem is that we now have less than 2 weeks until Christmas, and I seem to live in the house where time stood still.

The tree is up. But only some of the lights are on it. (No joke - the lights are missing from the entire 1/3 bottom of the tree).

Icicles hang from the roof line of our house, but nothing else does.

The presents are hidden in the basement, but nothing is wrapped.

You get the idea.

I did, however, find a little something I wanted to share. If you find yourself in a similar situation, and you need a little Christmas décor help - this spray paint is awesome!

christmas decor, spray paint, glitter

It gives anything a pretty festive glow - and paint the heck out of anything in your way!

It goes on very light and leaves behind a sparkly, shiny finish.  

(If you click on the picture you can see how pretty it looks! In this instance, I sprayed an old grapevine wreath. In fact, I sprayed 3 of them. They're so sparkly but still natural looking.)
In general, I'm actually loving the natural look of things around here. I'm almost glad I took up with Mr. I, and was forced to keep it simple. Almost.
In the meantime, I'm getting this in silver too, and inviting Christmas in!

(This isn't a paid post, I just love this stuff!) What have you found lately that makes your décor festive?


Denyse @ Glitter, Glue, Paint said...

What a cute simple idea, Julia! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.


Susan at said...

Ugh. Sorry you haven't been well. That's the worst. Glad you're up and running and properly glittering!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by Denyse!

Susan - yes glittering like crazy! LOL!