Friday, November 22, 2013

Fabric Garland

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Big A and I have been working on a rather large project. In fact, it measures 10 feet tall. It's led to quite a few swear words, some maniacal laughter, and blood. Despite all of that, in the end, we won!

But I can't show you that yet. I need a couple of days grace period to get all the pictures up and, quite frankly, to have Big A to sit down and tell me the real names of the tools and parts we used. Otherwise, my post would give you a tool/parts list like this:

Bendy Thing
Metal Slicer

See what I mean? We need him.

SO, until tomorrow, I am going to show you one little thing I've been working on. ("Working on" may be too strong of a phrase - perhaps I should say "puttering with".)

A few weeks ago, I made a fabric scrap valance (tutorial HERE) for our double doors to the back yard. I really loved the look of it:

But then I decided I didn't like the rigidity of the tension rod with the rustic look of the fabric. So I strung all of the fabric strips onto jute twine and re-hung it as a banner.

Much better! I prefer the garland. What do you think?

Tomorrow I'll be back to post about our larger adventure! Until then! Julia


Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

I have a few redo's now and then to Julia! I do like it better on the twine. It looks less rigid and more fluid. You've got me curious as to what this ten foot tall thing is!

Unknown said...

Thank you, I like it better too. LOL Deborah - we built a tree! Julia

Katie @ Horrific Knits said...

I love it! My name is Katie and I host Fall Into the Holidays. All entries get pinned. I would love to have you link up! This week’s round is still open!

Unknown said...

Hi Katie - I will stop by! Julia

ThreeDawgLady said...

I have so been wanting to make a valance with material the way you did....and I have some red burlap that would be so cool!

Unknown said...

Do it Deborah!!! :-) Julia

Schulz Family said...

Visiting from Domessblissity. I do like it with the twine, makes it more relaxed looking