Sunday, October 6, 2013

Coffee Creamer Recipe

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I drink A LOT of coffee. With powdered creamer.  I know, classy!

I'm not happy unless my coffee looks like a hot milkshake, and running out of creamer makes me cranky. SO, it crossed my mind that I should make my own coffee creamer, to save running out so often, and to save some money as well. I don't like flavored coffee, so I found a Plain Jane recipe on

This took all of two minutes to mix together. (Not including the 45 minutes at the store, searching high and low for instant dry milk, and coconut oil. Coconut oil is in the health food area, and dry milk is in the baking aisle, FYI.)

Powdered Coffee Creamer
Makes approximately 2 1/2 cups

2 cups instant nonfat dry milk
¼ cup powdered sugar
2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted

Combine dry milk and sugar in a bowl. Add coconut oil, drizzling it over the top while mixing with a fork. Mix well until there are no lumps. Put it in a jar with a lid  and give it a good shake. Once you have it all mixed up, you can store it in the pantry.

The verdict: It tastes almost exactly like the store bought stuff, and making your own coffee creamer does save money - it costs about half the cost of buying the store brand.

It's probably worth it to make my own, but I doubt I'd do it on a regular basis, simply because I'm lazy. (I'm not even gonna feel guilty about that!) BUT I will say, IF I liked flavored coffee creamer, this would be the BOMB (yes, my kids are going to make fun of me for saying that). The homemade version is super easy to flavor-up, and this would make a good hostess gift, so I will make it again.

For flavored coffee, add any of the following:

1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
1 tsp orange extract
1/2 cup cocoa
1 tsp peppermint extract
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg

You get the idea! Just add one of the above (or combine a couple) to the dry ingredients, put the lid on, and shake for a few minutes to mix thoroughly.

What else could you flavor the creamer with?


Crystal said...

Great idea, pinning. :-)

Abby said...

Sounds great! I go through an enormous amount of creamer, must give this a try!

Nell Escalante said...

Wow! So glad I found this. I'm addicted to coffee creamer but feel bad about the additives, then I tried Bliss frm nestle but still wanted something more organic, will def try this! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thank you guys! Let me know if you like it better than the store bought version.. Julia

SewSweetVIntage said...

Sweet! Pinned your recipe. New follow on G+

Unknown said...

Thanks Michele!

Cindy said...

Super, usually go with fat free 1/2 N 1/2 BUT might have to give this a try, with a flavoring, just to have on hand. TY!

Jennie said...

Looks good! Thanks for sharing, ill have to try it out!!
I have a giveaway going on and today is the last day to enter, would love for you to check it out!

Unknown said...

Hope you guys try it! I will be over Jennie, Julia

Marla Martenson said...

Awesome! Creamers like Coffee Mate have hydrogenated oils that clog your arteries.. good you are doing your own! I am visiting from Katherine's Corner.

Antionette Blake said...

Definitely going to try this one - thanks for sharing. Hopped over from Katherine's Corner - enjoy the rest of your week!

Holly Lefevre said...

I drink coffee...too much coffee...all day long. This is genius!

arkie said...

Great recipe for creamer! Tried it and it is very close to the taste of my regular liquid creamer. Pleasantly surprised me! Thanks!

Jelli said...

What a great idea! I do love flavored coffee, but usually just use real cold milk instead. Pinning this!

Unknown said...

Thank you for popping over guys!

I'm glad you tried it arkie!

Jelli - the only thing about milk is that it makes my coffee too cold, and I'm constantly heating it up.


Chelsey said...

This is awesome! I see a lot of liquid creamers, which I prefer to dry creamer, but they expire so quickly. This would be fantastic to keep around, though. How long do you think it will last in a cupboard?

Also, your coffee mug is so pretty! Where did you get it?

Outside the Box Mom said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. Will have to try with vanilla extract.

Michelle said...

What a good idea! Love the idea of the flavors!