Friday, May 24, 2013

Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do...

Some days, even with the best intentions, loads of ambition (and lots of caffeine), Mother Nature has other ideas for what I'm going to do with my day.

This week I've been working on my front porch, and on my foundation garden.  I've been painting pots and furniture. I've been planting and weeding, and mulching. My back is sore and my nails are all broken, but it's all in a weeks work. Finally, today being Friday, this was the day the porch and the garden were all gonna come together. My hubby, Big A is home, the kids are at school, and we were gonna tie it all together.

And then we had storms. Severe thunderstorms with hail and wicked winds. We woke up this morning and it's 42 F, windy and rainy, and there's a giant tree down in our yard. So, what's Plan B you ask?

Well, I thought, have the following items out on my kitchen island:

scissors, glue gun, ribbon, pliers, hammer, 18x24 canvas, paint, glass beads, a wall decal... Perhaps I could make something, and then I came up with a plan, in fact, the perfect Plan B.

Here it is:

I'm gonna look out the window at my hunky hubby wielding a chainsaw, while I put the on the fire, cuddle on the sofa with my cat, and wait til the kids get home. That's not a bad start to the Memorial Day weekend. And, after all, tomorrow is another day!


Susan at said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear about the storms. Sounds like you're making the best of it though. Enjoy the weekend!

Unknown said...

Thanks Susan!