Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tools You Need

Having a conversation with Big A is usually very helpful.  But some days, well, not so much.

Me:  Which tools could you not live without when it comes to the house?

Big A:  My car-washing mitt.

Me:  I said for the HOUSE.

Big A:  Honey, the only tool you need in this house is my brain.

Me:  I'm pretty sure you just called yourself a tool.

Clearly, I wanted his help making a list of the tools that a new home owner would love as a gift. But I guess I'm on my own!

Here goes:

Compound Mitre Saw.  Big A couldn't live without this.  For quick accurate cuts, but long rips are not possible. It's relatively small, and therefore portable. Big A uses his for moulding. I really need to learn to use this so that I can make my own frames!  From wikipedia: A compound miter saw has a rotating vertical pivot allowing the cutter head and blade to be tilted sideways in addition to the horizontally rotating table. This allows vertical and horizontal angled cuts as well as cuts angled in both planes. (In English: it can cut angles).

Cordless Drill.  Every home owner or apartment dweller needs a cordless drill.  Use it to drive screws and drill holes.  The battery size is important for long periods of use and a short charging time.  Look for a drill with a reverse switch and a keyless clutch.  Try the drill in your hand to make sure the fit is good.  The size of the handles and weight vary.

Gorilla Cart.  Forget wheelbarrows.  This is easy to load and unload.  A new home owner has a lot of hauling to do and this makes it much easier.  It doesn't tip over, and you can load it with gravel, rocks, lawn debris, groceries, garbage, mulch, etc.  The handle comes off so that you can attach it to a lawn mower or ATV.

Nail Gun.   If you have any major work to do that requires hammering, a nail gun will make the job go a lot faster and save your shoulders! A nail gun requires an air compresser.  There are cordless nail guns, but they drain the battery very quickly, plus, if you buy an air compresser you can use that for lots of other things.

Air Compressor.  For me the main consideration is portability.  An electric air compressor can be used for nail gun, staplers, filling tires, blowing spider webs away... There are kits sold that include nailers, staplers and air compressors.

Power washer.  I love the power washer.  As long as you choose one that is light enough to easily move it around, you can't go wrong.  We have one that is very heavy, so I can only use it when Big A is here to move it where I need it. You can clean the grill, your car tires, the porch, sidewalks, outdoor rugs (carefully), remove old chipping paint...

That's it for now.  If Big A comes up with any useful suggestions, I'll update this post.  However, I'm not going to hold my breath - he's busy washing his truck.

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 Important note:

If you give any of these as gifts to a woman, best to give it WITH a pair of earrings or new boots.  Tools are useful and great gifts, but, let's face it, they don't make your ears or feet look good.