Friday, June 12, 2015

Turn Solar Lights Into Garden Lamps

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Solar lamps look cute lining a sidewalk or edging a garden.  But did you ever pull them out of the hard dirt and the stake part pulls right off the lamp part? That happened to me, and I realized I could use just the light tops to make outdoor lamps for my patio or my porch.

If you want to make one, run down to the nearest thrift store, or check your attic, for a sturdy lamp.  I wanted something fairly heavy to stand up the the invariable summer thunderstorms and winds, so I bought two brass based lamps.

Next I took the guts out of the lamp and put it back together.  I painted the lamp bases with Rustoleum spray paint in yellow, but you could paint it any color you like, just make sure to use outdoor paint. 

Then pull the stake out of the solar lamp and glue it on the lamp base.  (I used E6000 glue). You need to let the glue dry for a day or so. 

Once good and dry, pop them outside to sunbathe, and enjoy them once the sun goes down.

(Or spend three nights wondering why they're not lighting up, and then realize you forgot to pull the tabs out of the lights.) 

Next up, I'm looking for an old chandelier so that I can do this:

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